Our cloud craft project is perfect for young, budding artists who are learning to glue things to paper.

What you will need:

Cloud Materials (these are just examples—anything white will do)
  1. Cotton balls
  2. White string
  3. Torn paper
  4. Uncooked white rice
  5. Cotton rounds
  6. Starch peanuts
  7. Glitter
  8. Paint Brushes
  9. White non-toxic paint (and brushes)
Core Materials
  1. Blue construction paper
  2. Child-safe glue


  1. The first rule is that there are no rules! Encourage your child to recreate the sky on paper the way they see it. Any way they do it is the right way—the sky’s the limit!
  2. Have fun!

“Each masterpiece lives within a child”

Kathie Boe, Vice President of Quality & Accreditation at Knowledge Universe

Make the search for white items in your home part of the sky collage fun. Get creative and feel free to use anything from torn paper to white flour. Bonus points for having a conversation with your child about clouds and what makes clouds in the sky? You can even teach your kid some easy cloud vocabulary: Cirrus clouds look like feathers. Cumulus clouds look like cotton balls. Stratus clouds cover the sky like bed sheets.