Have an adventure with your child before putting pinecone to canvas. Go outside and gather materials in your backyard or a nearby park – feel free to turn finding for nature’s paintbrushes into a fun scavenger hunt!

What you will need:

  1. Natural objects like branches, twigs, and pinecones
  2. Washable tempera paint in various colors
  3. White construction paper


  1. Gather natural objects to be used as paint brushes
  2. Pour tempera paint in a few dishes, arranged by color
  3. Encourage your child to dip the natural objects into different colors and paint on the construction paper

Warning: this activity can get messy.

Painting with branches and pinecones leads to amazing textured paintings! Encourage your child to cover the objects in paint and dab gently with branches, roll pinecones over, or even whack the paper to create a variety of cool patterns.

Relax, make something beautiful, and have fun! And throughout the activity, talk to your child and ask him about the experience. What does the paint look like? What kind of picture are you making? What texture does the pinecone make?